Since 2007, we have been providing quality educational fulldome experiences to groups of all ages. Since 2009, we have also been offering the additional service of Physics support to schools and LAs, go to our consultancy services page to learn more about this.

What is fulldome?

By using a specially shaped mirror and digital projection, any properly warped image can be projected over the full inside surface of the dome. Many films are commercially available to be shown in the dome but, at Immersion Education, we specialise in producing bespoke experiences for the UK curriculum. Follow the programmes link above and have a look at 'Meet your Brain' , 'Romans' , 'Mission to Mars' to name just a few of our own productions.

We've worked successfully with many organisations and schools over the past three years. If you'd like to read their comments, go to our testimonial page, or visit our facebook pages and read / leave comments on our wall.
Immersion Education is proud to be associated with the British Fulldome Institute. Films from their library are marked with the logo shown on the left.

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