Everyone loves dinosaurs and the film 'Dinosaur Prophecy' makes full use of that. By looking at four separate locations around the world, possible extinction causes are discussed including volcanic eruptions, climate change and asteroid iimpact. Classes of all ages will love this film.

OCR GCSE Science. Unit 5: Case Study

In everyday life, citizens most often become aware of science-related issues through reports in the media: newspapers, teenage magazines, television, etc. This component of the assessment is designed to help candidates develop strategies for evaluating such information, and to increase awareness of appropriate ways of making decisions about such issues.

Ideally, the study should arise from such a media source. Suitable topics involve some degree of
controversy, or disagreement, either about the interpretation of the scientific evidence, or about
how individuals or society should respond. The title for a Case-Study is best phrased as a
question to be answered by careful balancing of evidence and opinions from a variety of sources.

• Evaluating claims where there is uncertainty in scientific knowledge

This film is ideally suited to be stimulus material for the GCSE case study. Support booklets will lead students to additional sources of information.

For younger students not following OCR GCSE SCience courses, we can change the suport material and presentation to involve subjects such as:

Read the entire script of the film here