We are learning more and more about our neighbouring planets every day. Mars, the one that grabs our imaginations the most, is turning out to be more fascinating than anyone ever imagined

As with all our own shows we can adapt the commentary so that 'Mission to Mars' can suit GCSE Science students or Primary students following the IPC.
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OCR GCSE Science. Unit 5: Case Study

In everyday life, citizens most often become aware of science-related issues through reports in the media: newspapers, teenage magazines, television, etc. This component of the assessment is designed to help candidates develop strategies for evaluating such information, and to increase awareness of appropriate ways of making decisions about such issues.

Ideally, the study should arise from such a media source. Suitable topics involve some degree of controversy, or disagreement, either about the interpretation of the scientific evidence, or about how individuals or society should respond. The title for a Case-Study is best phrased as a question to be answered by careful balancing of evidence and opinions from a variety of sources.

• Evaluating claims where there is uncertainty in scientific knowledge (e.g. "Is there life elsewhere in the Solar system?"